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Your support is vital to our work at Mikajy Natiora. There are many ways you can contribute towards our causes, and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission. Learn more about how you can get involved and take advantage of the opportunity to do some good. And don't forget, sharing and liking bring awareness also! 

Can you directly support our research and conservation programs?
Our projects; reforestation, lemur patrols, alternative livelihoods, environmental education campaigns, all need supporting! Every penny helps us protect Madagascar's vulnerable wildlife and people. 

Scroll down to our ''What your Donation does'' section to see how your donations are put to use! 
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Partner or join us in the field! 
Would you like to do biodiversity or socio-economic research with us? We can provide logistics, transportation, accommodation, permit assistance, in-country scientific mentorship, and guides! 

Would your organization like to partner with us towards the common cause of environmental health and sustainable community development? Joint educational campaign? Collaborate on research? Joint alternative livelihood workshop?    
Contact us at! 
Do you have an artistic steak or skill you would like to share with us?

Are you an artist and would like to help us create educational material?
Or would you like to create some art to sell and donate proceeds to lemur conservation? Or got a cool lemur design for our T-shirt shop?We have lots of photos and stories to inspire you, and are more than happy to support you in any way we can!
Contact us at if you feel inspired to create some art for educational materials or fundraising! 
Can you or your company donate some much-needed equipment?

Old smartphones to easier communicate with our field team, Laptops for data entry, GPS's, farming tools, beekeeping equipment (suits!), backpacks, tents, headlights for our field team. As long as it is in working order we are more than happy to receive your donation and put it to good use protecting lemurs and other wildlife! 

Contact us as if you have anything you would like to send us, or if you are heading here yourself and would like to bring something for us! 
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